Interpretation Service




Interpretation Service




Gingkos-Inc. offers interpretation at executive business meetings and business negotiations. We also offer interpretation services for small and large businesses. If you’re in the retail trade show markets we have experienced interpreters that can help you exercise your presentation to the public. Our professional staff will help you gain more clients and help your clients understand your vision of business.

We will send an experienced interpreter to you, guaranteeing the presence of a reliable, trained interpreter who can assist you and your clients at every stage of your business process.



Gingkos-Inc. offers comprehensive, timely, professional interpreting, translation and transcription services to healthcare organizations, hospitals and clinics. We provide professional interpreters for medical appointments and procedures. Our experienced interpreters, translators and transcriptionists provide a wide range of services to the healthcare community including:

  • Medical interpreting between physicians and patients
  • Translation of medical documents
  • Translation of pharmaceutical documents



We offer interpreters for any setting or occasion, school meetings, community events, etc. If you or your client need an interpreter for a special event or any type of public setting we are here to help!

  • Professionals that handle unique situations
  • Public settings or special occasions
  • We are knowledgable and reliable.



We know the specific needs of legal interpretation and we are experts when it comes to fostering understanding between you and your clients. With language interpreting staff available to handle your situation over the telephone or in person, we are here to help you in a matter of seconds. No matter where you’re based or what you need, Gingkos enables you to communicate with confidence.

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We have done business in over 20 counties. Our experts are ready at a moments notice!

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Whether its digital or hard copy we have a team for every project that needs attention.

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We stay up late to meet our deadlines. We’ve helped hundreds of clients, from private individuals to Fortune 500 companies.